LRS Connect Features & Benefits

Guests, Staff & Operations Data All Connected Together

The most flexible and simplest communications solutions available



Simple Communication

Leaving Guests or Staff waiting for answers is not a good idea. Send SMS text ad LRS pager messaging with just the tap of a button.  LRS Connect will ensure that your operations run smoothly.


Multi-Channel Engagement

Engage guests, customers and staff in the most convenient way. LRS Connect supports SMS text, pagers, QR codes, personal mobile devices, call buttons. LRS Connect is the premiere on-site communications platform.


Set & Meet Performance Goals

Use the LRS Connect operations screen performance dashboard. Understand interactions between guests & staff. Review traffic on-premise with reporting including CSV exported data.


This solution is great for use in automotive, distribution, education, entertainment, fitness and hygiene, grocery supermarkets, healthcare & the NHS, hotels, manufacturing, professional offices, resellers, restaurants for casual, fast casual or fast food, retail, travel and warehousing but can also be used in many more sectors creating a safe environment for everyone.

Quick and Easy Entry

Add guests to the list, quote their wait time, and record customer preferences in literally seconds. For staff, communicate immediately and assign any tasks in real-time to ensure a smooth operation.

Custom Messages

All businesses are different, that’s why you need options to customise the message you deliver. Assign work in real time or immediately update guests with any status change.

Unlimited Access

Use any browser on any device to manage your business from anywhere. No software is required.

Countdown Timer

Ensure tasks get completed on time by automatically sending notifications to visitors at the set time.

Simple Quick-Tap Interface

Only a few quick taps to start, notify and close a guest session. Instantly create and assign tasks to any staff member.

Track and Compare Performance

Analyse performance against business plans and expectations. Compare and consolidate multiple site data for meaningful analysis.

Status Indicators

Colour-coded status change as quoted times get nearer and help you manage your list with one quick view. Delivers real-time views of your guest engagements and staff assignments.

Multiple Lists

Manage visitors from either one or multiple lists easily. Move visitors across lists to manage visitor flows and improve efficiencies.


Create tags and associate Guests or Staff to maintain their status and work efficiently.

Completely Unlimited

Unlimited entries and page notifications. Only pay for the subscription plans that fit your business.

Record Actionable Data

Record and save data. Review valuable operational insights. Use data to identify ways to minimize waits and improve efficiency of the business.

Flexible Engagement

Supports SMS, pagers, QR codes, and call buttons to engage your customers on their terms. No more 'where is' questions.



Connect Spot

Connect Spots are QR codes that can be placed anywhere you need to engage your guests and staff. Seamlessly integrated into LRS Connect, Connect Spots extend the reach to any exact location that guests or staff may be. Visit


Rapid Service Deployment

There are times when businesses need to rapidly deploy guest engagement services in the face of changing business conditions - like we have all seen of recent times, maybe a temporary venue, or in response to any crisis. LRS Connect meets those needs and can be live within minutes for the times when businesses need a solution fast.


Text Services Direct to Device

Enhance LRS applications with an LRS SMS text plan. Choose a low cost text plan that fits your exact requirements, alert customers on their mobile phone in addition to LRS pagers.


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Start your free trial. LRS UK helps you to discover how businesses manage visitors, lists, guest queues, staff tasks, and staff communications from any browser.

Add Guests and Staff to your workspace and take control of your operational flow.

Connect your LRS transmitter to deliver pager notifications. UK supported.

Use LRS Connect to track waiting guests, assign work to staff members, and communicate in real time.

Monitor performance in your business with on-screen stats and review detailed historic reporting to evaluate performance over time.



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