LRS Connect requires no change in the current ordering process, no app or integration is necessary. The ability to turn any car park into a curbside delivery or pick-up zone with add-ons like parking cones and signs makes this a scalable solution for any size business in the UK. The platform is easy to set-up and comes out of the box with a notification system that allows for customer or patient self-check-ins, notifications, and alerts enabling increasing operational efficiencies immediately and long after society emerges from the COVID-19 emergency health crisis. LRS UK offers full support to get the solution fully operational fast!

LRS UK will provide you with an immediate unique web page for your location. All you need to do is make the web page address available to your customers through email or text confirmations or simply through social media. Once your customer arrives at your location, they simply open the web page, identify themselves, and let you know where they are. We can provide you with multiple solutions that can be used to mark the location in a way that is obvious to your customers. Temporary stickers, labels, traffic cones and more can all be used to identify a location, whether that be in a car park or the surrounding area used for the special needs you might have.

Once the customer provides their location information, an entry in the online LRS Connect portal is immediately created so that you are aware of your customer’s on-site presence and their location. LRS Connect can even be configured in a manner where your staff can be automatically alerted of a new customer through the use of SMS text, on-site paging services, or through radio communication. We support license free or licensed two way radio solutions for the UK.  All of this is directly available from LRS UK and we stand ready to help you address your immediate needs.


With LRS Connect, you are able to instantly deploy self-check-in services for your guests, shoppers, or patients without any changes to your current systems. Whether for temporary or emergency response situations, you are able to immediately change your operations to ensure the continuity of your goods or service delivery. Our UK support is legendary and we have extensive experience in communications since 1989.