A Most Incredible Contactless Solution

Enhance the customers experience


Customers want a great restaurant, hospital visit, pub or bar or shopping experience (and perfect safety onsite). However safety and convenience are essential for everyone but not always accommodated.

ConnectSpot is designed to partner with restaurants, retailers, and service businesses that really care about giving their customers an excellent and safe experience to simplify and streamline their visit in the most safe manner possible.

These ConnectSpot tags can be used for many other uses within business and LRS UK is happy to discuss your needs and afford a demonstration. The safe communicator.

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Contact-free solution to keep your guests and your staff safe, happy and connected to your business



Works great with LRS Connect, the online work management system from Long Range Systems UK



Ability to customise or modify landing pages for your customers (UK supported)


For your customers, ConnectSpot is as simple as a QR code sticker that they scan with their smart phone or connected device to progress through their visit. You decide what happens next!

Imagine enhancing their experience by enabling them to:

* Join a waitlist before they even arrive
* Order their meals without touching a menu
* Notify service staff that they have a question
* Request to test drive a car on your lot
* Learn more about an exhibit in a museum
* Ask for mobility service in an airport terminal

The above are just a few examples of how Connect Spot really hits the spot in added convenience and safety – ultimately contributing to an experience worth coming back for time and time again.

An easy-to-use integrated back-of-house platform alerts your staff and shares the information provided by your customers. Our template program makes it easy to get started and to train your team. And we never share or sell your data or your customers’ data. Problems? No Problem! We support you directly in the United Kingdom from our UK office of factory trained staff.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does my customer have to download an app to use Connect Spot?
  2. How do I get Connect Spots?
  3. What can I do with a Connect Spot?
  4. How do you use the data?
  5. Can I get Connect Spots customised with my own branding?

Answer 1: Does my customer have to download an app to use Connect Spot?

No, Connect Spots work simply through the use of the camera on the phone or other connected device. Your customer will aim the phone or device camera at the Connect Spot and will automatically scan and respond. They simply then need to follow the on-screen instructions to engage with your business. Its that simple.

Answer 2: How do I get Connect Spots?

Connect Spots are available online at and through LRS UK sales representatives. Visit our shop online or give us a call at 01782 537000 and we would be happy to help you!

Answer 3: What can I do with a Connect Spot?

Connect Spots can be configured to handle a variety of customer engagements from an automated request for service, to adding themselves to a waitlist, to filling out a form for additional information, to redirects to specific web sites. You can configure them however you like and we’re constantly adding more capabilities to them, so check in often for the latest upgrades.

Answer 4: How do you use the data?

Simply put, LRS does not use your data. The engagement between your customer and your business is yours. LRS UK will provide you with information such as usage statistics, but we do not consume the data for any other use other than to enable you to provide phenomenal service to your guests.

Answer 5: Can I get Connect Spots customised with my own branding?

Yes! We would be happy to discuss custom branding options. Give us a call at 01782 537000 and let’s discuss your vision.