Larger retail premises are generally located with very large car parks that are used for the retailers shoppers. Because of the way customers currently shop the 'curbside' delivery or click-and-collect has become far more prevalent and those same car parks are now being used for this way of delivery of products. LRS Connect is an online portal enabling users to manage guest engagement and staff communication. Companies that use pre-existing app or online ordering solutions can easily send shoppers an SMS text or email with the LRS Connect link that enables shoppers to check in to LRS Connect when they arrive in the car park. LRS UK have a number of different methods to identify car park spaces that can help ensure that you can serve as many customers as possible in the spaces available. 




In the UK response to emergencies in public health have to be fast and efficient. LRS Connect is a perfect vehicle for this use and is entirely adaptable for this purpose, and is able to allow the use of car parks and fields and other open areas to be used for patient input and process. Bu using the self check in integrated services of LRS Connect healthcare providers are ensuring social distancing regulations. It becomes easy to disperse the further intake of patients when necessary. WE have available simple solutions for identifying specific parking locations either in the car parks or allocated other external spaces as necessary.


Restaurant + Hospitality

Click and collect or curbside delivery has increased exponentially in recent times for the delivery of menu items to customers. In the UK the law has changed as necessary to accommodate social distancing with people close up and dining out and it is unlikely that curbside delivery will change any time soon. LRS Connect is an important service because it requires no app and no integration in to other systems to work. Restaurant diners can easily use click and collect or curbside delivery without any problems. When a diner arrives at the restaurant after using the pre-existing online order process they can be given the LRS Connect web site address. Diners alert the restaurant of their location on the car park that is then used for food delivery to focus on  the exact location of the diner. You do not need any drive through system when using this system so any restaurant is able to offer this service. LRS Connect enables you to keep your team in synch to deliver the best service possible.



In most grocery stores and supermarkets in the UK these days there is usually a large accompanying car park with many spaces typically in the hundreds of locations. By using click-and-collect or curbside delivery with LRS Connect its entirely possible to use all of the car park spaces thus allowing a fast service to as many shoppers as there are parking spaces. There is no need for additional apps or integrations with other pre-existing shopping experience. Grocers can provide shoppers with a unique LRS Connect web site address for shoppers to log in when they arrive in the car park. After completion of the easy to use web form the grocer will know the exact location of the shopper and the order can be delivered very quickly.


Other industries that can use the LRS Connect communications solution include automotive, distribution, education, entertainment, fitness and hygiene, grocery supermarkets, healthcare & the NHS, hotels, manufacturing, professional offices, resellers, restaurants for casual, fast casual or fast food, retail, travel and warehousing.